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IVIE Cloud Portal
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IVIE Dynamic Dashboard 

IVIE allows you to manage your entire car park from 1 place.

Customisable dashboard date that is role-based, enabling you to access your most essential data in seconds. 

With IVIE, all that date you want is just one click away. 


Manage site pricing, hardware, custom reporting and your call centre from one platform, "IVIE" InnerVision's Intelligent Engine.


Saving time and money by removing manual processes allows you to automate your carpark and give you control.  

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IVIE allows for reporting to be based on user roles, allowing the user to access saved customized reports or generate reports based on the information they require.  


All captured data can be exported and downloaded as needed, your data your way. 


Standard reporting includes average occupancy, occupancy over time, current vehicles in carpark, entry-exit events, average dwell times, bay turnover, wrong way count*, revenue by user frequency, payment details, billing reconciliation, transaction search and average transaction value.  All Beyond Park hardware is integrated to generate reports based on requirements. 

Melbourne 2_blue.jpg
Melbourne 2_blue.jpg

Site Management

IVIE allows you to control your site remotely, from pricing tariff operation hours LED/LCD screen display, hardware control and much more. 

Beyond Park is hosted in Australia in Azure; your site's security is assured, all operation features and settings are user role-based, and you can have multi approval authentication attached before changes are made onsite. 

Help Desk

IVIE Help Desk offers operators the ability to manage customers entering and exiting the facility. ​

The optional help desk feature by Beyond Park allows for the following: 

  1. VoIP Calls to Entry, Exit and PoF terminals

  2. IVE support staff or your support staff managing onsite calls

  3. Remote opening and closure of boom gates 

  4. Lodging service tickets to InnerVision Engineering 

Integrated to Avaya Cloud Office IVIE's Help Desk allows connectivity worldwide. 

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IVIE Partners

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