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Finding A Park
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About Beyond Park

Beyond Park changes the parking experience for both Users and Operators 

At Beyond Park we understand the importance of a positive parking experience for consumers. Parking is the first and last experience a consumer has at your location, and we all know first impressions count. From entry through to finding an available spot, having a reliable, easy-to-use and fully integrated parking system can be the difference between a customer deciding to visit your venue over others. Beyond Park offers an all-in-one parking technology solution that is set to change the way parking services are delivered, resulting in greater efficiency in resource management and a better parking experience for users.

Developed by InnerVision it allows for a true frictionless cashless and ticketless solution and users don't need to use their mobile while driving. InnerVision has developed an AI-based number plate recognition that is cloud-based and learns from every number plate read offering 99% accuracy.  

Beyond Park Mobile App (Apple / Android) allows the user to choose and direct them from their current location to the carpark of choice, the user will be able to experience the following:

  • Driving route guidance to a location with estimated arrival time and voice directions

  • Current availability of the carpark

  • Pricing of the carpark

  • Frictionless entry and exit

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Complete Parking Management Solution

InnerVision can supply, install and maintain a complete car parking management solution for clients.

  • Boom Gates

  • Exit Terminal

  • Pay on Foot

  • License Plate Recognition Systems (LPR)

  • Avaya Cloud-Based Intercom 

  • Management Software IVIE

  • CCTV & Security

  • Digital Signage & LED Screens

  • Parking App Beyond Park

  • Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

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