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Beyond Park Hardware

Your All-in-One Solution 


Access Control

Beyond Park provides you with an all-in-one parking solution with frictionless parking. Access control has never been easier.

InnerVision has developed two access control solutions allowing all your sites to benefit from the IVIE Beyond Parks management portal. 

1. New Beyond Park Australian-built hardware

2. Integration to existing hardware

Hardware offerings include:

  • Entry/ Exit Barrier Gates

  • Entry/ Exit Payment Terminals featuring 21.5-inch touch screens

  • Pay on Foot Terminal (cashless only)

  • LED/ LCD Display Screens

  • 99% Accuracy InnerVision Developed LPR

Beyond Park offers you a ticketless, frictionless and cost-effective access control system. 

Beyond Park Barrier Gate
Beyond Park Parking Sites

Parking Guidance System

InnerVision has integrated with Hanwha Techwin's (Samsung's) new multi-level parking guidance camera-based sensor. 

With Beyond Park's analytics and connection to IVIE, it allows for the complete parking solution, occupancy display through LED/ LCD and data reporting available on the IVIE management portal featuring a 12mp fisheye camera with InnerVision LPR technology the system allows for accurate car detection.

Finding your car has never been easier with registered users able to see exactly where their car is parked on the Beyond Park app. 

  • Up to 30fps @3,008 x 3,008 resolution

  • stereographic type lens enhances images on the edge

  • 360-degree monitoring with onboard dewarping

  • AI-based parking detection identifies up to 16 car lots

  • Defocus/motion detection and tampering

TNF-9010_F_En lighting.png
Beyond Park Multi Level.PNG.png
find car park.jpg
Axis Camera

Beyond Park LPR

BP License Plate Recognition ( LPR) is the first AI cloud-based recognition system deployed, offering 99% accuracy. ​

LPR gives parking managers and operators tight control over all the different populations passing through the parking facility gates, directly resulting in:

Increased Revenue, Increased Traffic Throughput, Enhanced Customer Satisfaction, Efficient Carpool Management, and allows you to determine the exact duration of a visit in case of lost tickets.


Other advantages include decreased fraud attempts and blacklisting of license plate numbers to automatically trigger system alerting.

Beyond Park Camera Enclosure.tif

Hardware Partners

Intel Beyond Park Partner
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